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  1. Sue
    01/04/2023 @ 9:45 am

    As with everywhere there are folks who are open to learning and those who have really closed minds and very little life experience, academia, unfortunately, is no different to other parts of society. I hear and have sympathy with your experience, have felt similarly out of place and shocked & puzzled by attitudes encountered and lack of awareness. And yes ‘same here hun’, we need to find our allies and hold them close.


  2. CelticTiger
    24/05/2023 @ 10:58 am

    100% my experience as a working class academic (my parents had same background as yours and I had a similar start to life as you minus a child), and even more confusing as I work at an ex-poly that takes in predominantly lower middle class and working class students, yet the majority of staff are solid middle, to upper-middle class and make me feel like an alien. Almost all attended private school.

    Like you, myself and the few other working class colleagues I have are given the awful admin type responsibilities and tasks, and generic dull skills modules despite them not being in the area of our expertise, whilst high profile research opportunities and the best tasks are given to those who ski every winter and speak with a plum in their mouth. I’m 100% convinced that we could engage in the exact same task / research/ activity that would be viewed as equal if submitted anonymously yet if known I would be viewed as lesser. This is apparent in meetings where upper middle class types on the same grade can speak out at will, but working class academics are told to shut up and let others speak.

    I’m honestly sick to death of it and consider leaving on a daily basis.


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