Working Class Academics: An Online Conference

Online on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th July 2021

Image: WE ARE BLACKBURN by Cath Ford

The Bureau Centre for the Arts

Register, write, get involved

The move to an online conference has allowed us to do things we had not anticipated as possible, bringing in international speakers and (hopefully) delegates without costing the Earth.

We have had a superb collection of abstracts submitted and these will make for two days of exciting discussion, dialogue and reflection.  Kit de Waal, Rachael Gibbons and Professor Budd Hall are keynotes and the range of speakers, topics and places on Earth is fantastic.  

All of this is done as a collective, with the support of Chairs, speakers and the keynotes giving their time, energy, experiences and expertise to make this happen.  During the Covid19 pandemic and lock down we have witnessed the ways working class people have responded and shown themselves as the strength of nations across the planet.  ‘Working Class’ defines people of every gender, ethnicity, religion and cultural  background.  We are joined together to create this as we recognise that it is in The Academy that we as working class academics might do our bit.  

Join us to celebrate the contribution of working class academics, of working class communities across the U.K. and the world.  We welcome your involvement by:

  • signing up for the online conference and being part of the discussion on 14th and 15th of July;
  • writing for the Conference Blog  (we publish as a blog, but you can submit film/ images/ art work/ podcasts);
  • submitting to the PRISM Conference Edition with a publication date of Spring/Summer 2021;
  • helping us continue to create and perpetuate a lively, energised and positive community of working class academics – the conference is step one, but add your suggestions about how it might continue by contacting us via the email or Twitter account (details below).  

We have the platform to enact change, not as a top-down request for assistance from others but as a growing collective that speaks, creates, informs and develops new ways of thinking and acting in academia.

Get in touch, get involved and be part of our collective.


Much love