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We are putting on some exciting and useful events leading up to the conference.  Check out our Chai Spaces and Podcasts.


Chai and Chat with Jo Fletcher-Saxon for the Working Class Academics Conference.  If you wish to join Jo for #ChaiAndChat? Tweet @jfletchersaxon.


Teresa Crew

Teresa talks about both her experience of the conference and her book: Higher Education and the Working Classes. Precarity and Diversity in Academia.



Kelvyn Quagraine

Kelvyn talks about his work with Football Beyond Borders (FBB), working with young people under the threat of school exclusion. His social justice values shine through as does the huge impact of FBB’s work with young people. We talk about the term working class and what it means to Kelvyn and the young people he works with. We then find out about The Black Beat, an Instagram account that Kelvyn set up with the aim of celebrating black British culture – to empower, educate and elevate. 


Fraser Mycroft

Jo asks Fray to share his experiences of presenting at last year’s conference and what to expect from his contribution at this year’s conference (see Solidarity Spaces). They explore the term working class and class identity in childhood and adulthood. Jo asks Fray about his year living in Copenhagen and reflections on class from that experience. They talk avocados and consider what Fray would do with notions of cultural and social capital if he was education minister.

Chai Spaces

As we build up to the second international Working Class Academics Conference on 13/14 July 2021 #wcconf21 we are inviting people to come together in this safe, facilitated, online space, where everyone is equal as thinkers.

Each Chai Conversation begins with a gentle provocation – a stimulus to get us thinking. Our provocateurs are (or have been) Amanda Price/Pam Fricker (March), Asma Ahmad (April), Saleem Seedat (20th May) and Dr Morag Rose (17th June).

Using ThinkingEnvironment processes we will then let the conversation gently unspool … All you need is a willingness to listen and faith in a process that will create a safe space for you to speak.

Want to know more? Contact or @LouMycroft on Twitter or email us via the website.

Chai Conversations is one of a number of initiatives designed to welcome new, perhaps less confident or marginalised working class voices to this year’s #wcconf21 programme. See also the #ChaiAndChat podcast series, available on Spotify and Anchor:

Listen to our first podcast guest, the brilliant Dr Teresa Crew here. This podcast is the first in a short series running up to the 2021 Working Class Academics Conference. Teresa talks both about her experience of the conference last year and her book: Higher Education and the Working Classes: Precarity and Diversity in Academia.