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Types of Submission

Types of Submission


Register to attend this year’s conference.

Globe of alternative words for the working class

The conference is online only, but we are open to how you will present your ideas.

It must be something people can access from wherever they are, using the internet and on readily accessible technologies.  A few things to consider are:

  • The timings should be 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Accessibility will benefit from a range of presentation approaches (a transcript to accompany a film, for example).
  • Do what you are comfortable with – we want to hear your ideas/research/experiences and that is most important.  Choose  technology that allows you to share these.  This can be a simple Word document or a more ambitious film.  You decide for you.
  • We want to encourage dialogue, discussion, encounters.  This will be attempted collectively in ‘live’ pre-arranged slots and also asynchronously after the event day.  Please consider what you can commit to as part of your preparation.

Some possible presentation styles/methods might include:

  • Short filmed versions of your paper.
  • Documents (a written paper).
  • Podcasts/audio.
  • Recorded discussions.
  • Slides with a commentary.

There are more approaches, we are looking forward to your creativity but also do not want anyone put off by technology issues.  We will help, support and work with you to make the most accessible form of presentation for you.