Potential collaborators are invited to submit abstracts that address the main theme: Critical Constellations: ‘Working Class’ and/in Academia.

Possible themes for the contextualisation of activities and/or presentations:

  • Art, Activism and Class.
  • Intersectionality.
  • Class as an influence on pedagogy.
  • Pedagogies of the working class.
  • Autobiographical journeys beyond the divide.
  • Critical economics.
  • The University as a class barrier.
  • Environmentalism and the working class.
  • “Must we leave to achieve?”: Education, social mobility and the resituating of the working class.
  • The rectification and commodification of the working class.
  • Performance, the Academy and working class.
  • A digital planet – barrier of enabler for working class engagement.
  • Being a working class student.
  • ‘Housework, children, jobs and cooking’: working class women on/in academia.
  • Class and migration.
  • Faith and class.
  • Imposter Syndrome and Jonah Complex: the challenges of coming to terms with being working class academics.