Working Class Academics - Thinking

Thinking & Doing

The conference offers us a coming together, a focus point on the horizon that we walk toward. The journey will not be made alone and we can share our ideas, research, literature, case studies, practices and actions that shape what we do as working class academics.

To begin with, we have several opportunities to contribute as we go along:

The Blog – share your thinking, your motivations and perhaps your ideas about the conference or about your work as an academic, educator, researcher, student.  To upload a Blog post please send your material to the organisers.

The Prism journal – we will be working with Prism to produce a special edition of the journal to include the work produced.  You can also access previous editions of this journal, created to offer a space for thinkers and doers often challenging the mainstream.  The Pedagogy and Class issue from July 2018 is included and has great articles by big names such as Professor Diane Reay and Professor Henry Giroux, alongside brilliant thinkers and doers from inside and outside academia.

Resources tab – share things that can inform and inspire others – this can be literature, journal articles, ongoing research, opportunities to contribute ideas and anything else you think will inform a growing collective of working class academics.